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12 Nov 2018 Please refer to for the latest information on the top 50 NEO (formally Antshares) hopes to digitize many types of assets  CoinMarketCap: a popular website for comparing cryptoasset price and Figures come from CoinMarketCap on July 29th. Rebrand from AntShares to NEO. 30 May 2019 Initially, this project was called Antshares, but later it underwent a rebranding, receiving the current name. Image by Coinmarketcap.

Get detailed information on NEO (NEO) including real-time price index, historical charts, market cap, exchanges, wallets, and latest news. 7 Jan 2019 Here you should see the widget from CoinMarketCap. NEO gained popularity in June 2017, when it was rebranded from “Antshares” project. 23 Dec 2018 The project was launched in 2014 in China as AntShares, but didn't garner significant attention until its Data Source:  NEO Formerly known as Antshares is the People's Republic of China's first ever open source Antshares ICO logo Data is provided by CoinMarketCap 

Below are the price charts for Antshares and Ethereum on The Ethereum chart is from September 2015 – May 2016. Taking a quick look at the charts there are some striking similarities.

NEO price prediction 2019: what's the forecast for NEO coin? All you need to know in one place - Complete NEO price prediction guide. BitCoin Market Live 1.0 download - BitCoin Market Live CoinMarketCap Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations Market Cap And Price Checker With Portfolio… Antshares subscribe unsubscribe 10, readers 15 users here now Submissions should only be of quality, new information. I got that figured out. Furthermore, it is ranked #229 on CoinMarketCap and we are quite certain that Universa will have a top 10 spot there next year. Ontology has been one of the strongest-performing cryptocurrencies over the past month, and it just jumped a little over 28% in just over 24 hours. The price has fallen back since ONT hit a high of $1.41, but it is still ranked as the 17th… Though I was corrected on Steemit by a friend who suggested that Antshares is actually the Chinese Ethereum and not the Chinese Bitcoin, I still stand by it.Tiền điện tử NEO là gì? Cách lưu trữ, giao dịch và đầu tư NEO…ìm hiểu tiền điện tử "Ethereum của Trung quốc" - NEO là gì? Tỷ giá, hướng dẫn lưu trữ NEO trên ví an toàn, sàn giao dịch uy tín, có nên đầu tư NEO không?

1 Jan 2019 Source: Neo, formerly known as Antshares, is a conglomeration of digital assets, digital 

Antshares is now finally being listed as NEO, as coinmarketcap has updated its symbol yet it has not caught traction on all exchanges as NEO it sure will be Antshares = NEO - YouTube 7. 201710 tis. zhlédnutíПлатформа цифровых активов Antshares, которую иногда также называют «китайским Ethereum» объявила о полном ребрендинге, а также представила амбициозные планы?Was sind AntShares? CoinTrend informiert - Alles über die chinesische Kryptowährung Vorteile Geschichte Wallets & kaufen Trading Lies auf mehr darüber. Bitcoin (unofficial) / Altcoin 1.1.57 download - CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations – mobile. The biggest cryptocurrency market app…

Celá řada čínských kryptoměn roste jako z vody poté, co prezident Číny Xi Jinping dal „zelenou“ technologii blockchain. NEO (NEO), Ontology (ONT)Masternodes are on the Rise. Invest now and hold! - HODL.eu you start to observe Masternode vs non-masternode cryptocurrencies, invest in masternodes, and hold on for the long run, I think we will do very well.

Bitshares (BTS), formerly known as ProtoShares, is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger and network that can issue collateralized market-pegged smart coins known as bitAssets. For instance, it can issue crypto-based assets, denominated by “bitAsset”, that track real-world markets like the USD, such as the bitUSD.

Still trying to wrap your head around Neo? Learn how it works, where to get ANS and whether it's going to make you money.

10 Jul 2017 AntShares, $440, 6,135%, Early blockchain ICO that wants to be China's version of *Source: as of June 30, 2017. Market Capitalizations: NEO (NEO). +. NEO, formally Antshares, is a blockchain driven platform and cryptocurrency designed to build  2 days ago NEO was launched as AntShares in 2014 and was renamed in June At the moment of writing, NEO ranks 19th on CoinMarketCap with a  8 gen 2018 Market Cap al 31/12/2017 (Fonte: Matrix (prima si chiamava Antshares) ed è stato creato da Erik Zhang e Da Hongfei,  Note: On 22nd June 2017, Antshares rebranded itself to NEO in front of 200 At the time of this writing, the current market cap is $1.1 billion (CoinMarketCap).

Neo describes itself as an open-source platform driven by the community. It utilizes blockchain technology and digital identities to digitize and automate the